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After all, why are most of the flight staff women? The very interesting reason behind this

Have you ever traveled on a flight? If not, then you must have seen someone traveling in a film or blog. During this, you must have noticed one thing that most of the women staff are there to help the passengers. Air hostess is chosen to take care of every detail of the passengers. Many flight companies around the world choose women more than men as flight attendants. Not only this, but most of the crew members working inside the aircraft are also women. According to some estimates, the ratio of male and female cabin crew members is about 2/20. On the other hand, in many foreign airlines, this ratio is 4/10. These figures paint a clear picture that women have the highest participation in-flight staff. Does the question arise that why does this happen? Why are women given more preference in-flight staff than men? Many of you must be thinking that the reason for this is beauty. But it is not so, the reason behind this is something else. Let’s know –

It is a very big psychological fact that many people listen more carefully to the words of women than men and not only listen but also follow their words. It is necessary to follow the safety guidelines and necessary guidelines in flight, so most of the air hostesses in the flight announce all these things.

One of the major reasons why women are mostly chosen in the flight staff is that their character is more gentle, generous, and submissive than men. Due to his generous character, a positive image is formed in the mind of the passengers towards the flight company.

The less weight an aircraft has, the more fuel and money it will save. In this episode, the weight of women is less than that of men, and less weight is a win-win for the airline company. Often thin and underweight women are mostly seen in flight. This is the biggest reason for this.

There is a belief that women are more capable of handling management than men. She listens carefully to any matter and also implements it. Due to these reasons, more women are included in the flight crew than men. For your information, let us tell you that most of the airlines choose men as flight attendants in the same conditions when there is more force and hard work.

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