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After separation of Milinda and Bill Gates, find out about the world’s most expensive divorce.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Milinda have decided to separate. Both of them are going to divorce after 27 years of marriage. Milinda and Bill Gates have issued a statement regarding divorce. He told that they will work professionally with each other, but will no longer be like husband and wife.

Bill and Milinda got engaged in 1993. After this, both of them got married in the year 1994. After their divorce, a question also arises that how will the property of these two be divided? Bill Gates has been the richest man in the world and his wealth is estimated to be more than $ 130 billion and more than 9 lakh crores. In their divorce petitions, the couple has appealed to the court to distribute their property, business liabilities etc. according to the contract. However, this contract has not been made public. Which means that at the moment it cannot be told in whose part what will come.

Talking about Milinda Gates, she is the founder of Pivotal Venture. Which is an investment company. This company works for women and family. How much its net worth is also not known. According to Forbes, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is the fourth richest man in the world. According to US law, a couple who divorces divides their property in equal parts. So it is being speculated that the Gates couple will also distribute their property in half.

Here is the talk of Bill Gates and Milinda. But there have also been divorces in the world which can be called the most expensive. Below we are going to tell you about some such couples whose divorce can be called the most expensive.

1.Jeff Bezos Mackenzie.

He is currently the richest man in the world. In the year 2019, he filed for divorce from his wife Mackenzie. According to Totler, an English website, when both were divorced, Wife Mackenzie received $ 6.1 billion, According to reports, Jeff Bezos and McKenzie jointly owned 16 percent of Amazon’s shares prior to the divorce.After the divorce, 4 per cent of the shares went to McKenzie. But just as the Gates couple has not made their contract public, the contract between Jeff Bezos and his wife was not made public.

2.Rupert Murdoch- Ana Maria:

Rupert Murdoch is one of the world’s largest businessmen. He is also called the media mogul. He is the owner of Australia’s The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun and The Australian. At the same time, he owns several national and international level publishing houses including ‘The Sun and the Times’ of UK. Which also includes the US ‘Wall Street Journal’ and ‘New York Post’. He separated from his wife Ana Maria in the year 1999. She was a journalist. At that time, the settlement of Ana and Rupert was done for 1.7 billion dollars i.e. about 12 thousand crores rupees. Apart from this, Ana also received $ 110 million . Ana was Rupert’s second wife.

3.Michael Jordan- Juanita Vanoay :

Basketball player Michael Jordan divorced his wife Juanita in 2006. This divorce amounted to about $ 168 million, or about one thousand crores. The two had earlier filed for divorce in 2002. But after this both of them withdrew this application. Later in the year 2006, both of them again approached the court. It was setal publicly. Hence it is considered to be the biggest expensive celebrity divorce ever.

4.Bob Johnson – Sheel Crump

America’s business man Bob Johnson was married to Sheil Crump in 1969. Together they also started a television network. Apart from this, many companies were also opened. But both got divorced in the year 2002. At the time, Sheel received $ 400 million as a divorce settlement. It is also considered to be one of the most expensive divorces in the world.

5.Luck Willdenstein-Josslin Willdenstein :

French-American business man and art dealer Elk Willdenstein divorced his wife Jaslin in 1999. The two separated after 21 years of marriage. According to reports, at that time, Jaslin had received $ 2.5 billion, which is about 18 thousand crores. Apart from this, about 700 crore rupees were available every year for 13 years.

6.Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt :

Hollywood’s famous star Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorced each other in 2016. There was a lot of discussion about his divorce as well. His fans were also wishing for everything to be right between them. But in the end, they got divorced. The property was split between them by about 500 million dollars . Apart from this, things like about nine properties, jewelry collection, fine arts, cars, bikes were also distributed.

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