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Best Hindi Blog List

Today we are going to tell you about those Top Best Hindi Blogs who have Created monopoly over the internet through their blogging. If you are a Blogger, you Should know about these blog.

Do you know Google AdSense did not show its advertisements on Hindi blogs, but in 2014 Google AdSense admitted that people on Google want to read in Hindi language and then Google’s ads are shown on Hindi Blogs. and today tons of bloggers earn an honest amount of cash from it. Due to which a large number of people are coming in the field of Hindi blogging.
According to a report, the maximum Hindi language content will be available on the internet by 2050. So if you would like to start out blogging then this is often the proper time because within the coming time the competition goes to extend tons .
By the way, there are many best Hindi blogs available on the web , but we’ve included the blogs of these bloggers during this list. On whose blogs thousands of individuals come to read everyday and also they earn many money. Therefore, the simplest Hindi Blog List is meant keeping the Alexa Rank in mind.
 Daily Revenue
 Daily Unique Visitor
 Alexa Rank World
 Alexa Rank INDIA
 So, let see the list of TOP Hindi Blogs.
 1.Gayni Pandit.
 The founding father of this blog is Mayur K, who has made an enormous contribution in imparting Motivational knowledge in Hindi language through Blogging. Every person who visits this blog becomes Motivated. On this blog, you will get found Motivational information on many topics.

Daily Revenue$ 250
Daily Unique Visitor90,000
Alexa Rank World16.19 K
Alexa Rank INDIA1.2 K


This is an all in One Blog where you are given information on many topics. This blog has also played a crucial role in making an outsized amount of content available within the Hindi language on the web .

Daily Revenue$ 190
Daily Unique Visitor85,000
Alexa Rank World40.7 K
Alexa Rank INDIA2.6 K

3.Achhi khabar

The founding father of this blog is Gopal Mishra who started his blogging in 2010 by creating this blog. The purpose of this blog is to supply Valuable Content to its readers and their blog has achieved a target of 1 lakh Per Day Page View.

Daily Revenue$ 160
Daily Unique Visitor80,000
Alexa Rank World57 K
Alexa Rank INDIA4.1 K

4.Hindi ki Duniya

This blog is based on many topics which serve to provide information in Hindi like Niband, speeches, articles, poetry and festivals etc. This is a very readable blog in India, you can guess by looking at its Alexa Rank.

Daily Revenue$ 186
Daily Unique Visitor50,000
Alexa Rank World62 K
Alexa Rank INDIA5.3 K

5.Catch how
This website was started by famous Youtuber manoj saru in 2016. Here you can get to read Hindi article and also watch video. He started his blogging and Youtube Channel with a small laptop and used 2G mobile to run internet and today is a very big Youtuber and Blogger.

Daily Revenue$ 125
Daily Unique Visitor38,000
Alexa Rank World67 K
Alexa Rank INDIA5 K

6.Hindi Soch

Pawan Kumar, who hails from Bulandshahr (Uttar Pradesh), started the Hindi think blog in 2013, which aims to make awareness among people about his only language Hindi. Pawan Kumar may be a very big blogger and he dreams that he wants to become an enormous scientist.

Daily Revenue$ 135
Daily Unique Visitor41,000
Alexa Rank World87 K
Alexa Rank INDIA6.3K

7.Hindi me

Whenever you look for anything associated with technology on the web , you get to ascertain this blog the foremost . This is an excellent blog which writes on many topics with technology and therefore the posts of this blog usually meet the primary rank in Google. The founder of this blog is Chandan as well as two co-founders Sabina and Prabhanjna.

Daily Revenue$ 90
Daily Unique Visitor30,000
Alexa Rank World68 K
Alexa Rank INDIA4 K

8.Support Me India

Hindi bloggers don’t realize this blog, it’s probably impossible to be like this blog was started by Jumedeen khan in 2015, who may be a resident of Alwar Rajasthan (India). On this blog, he gives information about blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Hindi. The purpose of this blog is that he can provide information to new bloggers that he can make money online from internet.

Daily Revenue$ 85
Daily Unique Visitor27,000
Alexa Rank World98 K
Alexa Rank INDIA8 K

9.My big guide

The owner of this blog is Abhimanyu Bharadwaj. Those who started this blog in 2014, they supply information about Computer and Technology in Hindi on this blog. He also have a Youtube Channel, which publishes a lot of helpful content for Blog Computer-learning students.

Daily Revenue$ 80
Daily Unique Visitor25,000
Alexa Rank World107 K
Alexa Rank INDIA6 K


One Hindi blog whose founder is Bijay Kumar. He gives all types of data on this blog from health tips to non-public development.

Daily Revenue$ 76
Daily Unique Visitor23,000
Alexa Rank World97 K
Alexa Rank INDIA6 K

I Hope you will like my article .if you have any question please ask in comment section.

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