Numerous people are determining that being well and maintaining health at the same time is a complicated process to crack, which can not be achieved due to sketchy days, less time, and income process. Archiving a healthy body includes various factors, which are reducing excessive fat, building up muscles, maintaining a good diet for a better physique, investing money in weights or diet, and much more.

These things become excuses for us in some places and make us lazy to even try our best, and then we think of tomorrow. So, let’s encounter some of the common excuses that arise during the health maintaining process.

1.No Time/Hectic Schedule

Today everybody is aware that life has been flip so fast that too many issues arose to be completed regarding a healthy body. Many of us are busy with buddies, society, jobs, and lots of other things. Some work till late evening, and some work till midnight to make some extra cash. There is no doubt that this era is becoming advanced and hectic, which seems to be challenging to give time on self-love for our body. 

However, we should invest at least 10 minutes every day in our body and daily diet to maintain a fit and healthy body in our body and daily diet.

2.Making Money Becomes Important.

Everyone wants to make a good income, and we all are ready to spend overtime to make more money from that. Nevertheless, who doesn’t want to make life luxurious and comfy and for that running behind money is somewhere worthy., but not taking care of the body can become a problem as if you aren’t able to maintain a good and healthy physique, then you might not be able to complete your simple tasks properly.

So, focus on your future, work on it, but making this an excuse not to hold care of your body is a big NO-NO. Give at least half an hour for exercising and workouts.


It is the biggest obstacle that we have to cross, and we accept it or not, but somewhere we all are tied up with this. To achieve something, we have to fight with our laziness. Cut hours that you spend unnecessary wasting on wasting movie, scrolling on the social media platform, extra sleeping, etc.

4.Don’t Be Shy

Yes, you heard it right, shyness, but why? Start loving yourself and get out of your comfort zone, whether you are too skinny or too fat. It doesn’t matter what others think about you. Try to make your personality strong and push yourself to achieve that body in which you are comfortable in. Don’t push too hard at the beginning. Build your own pace as good result take time. Release your stress, insecurity, fear, tension, anxiety, self-doubt, pressure, etc., while working out.

We gossipcool, appreciate all the hard work you are putting in your hectic life with loads of responsibility, but now we want you to take care of your health, and that can be achieved with little patience and little time.



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