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Film stars’ favorite tourist destination.

In the race to get ahead in this mechanical life today, when a person is tired of running, then he finds a place where he can spend his time and freshen up. Our film stars are also not untouched by this. Between camera, light, makeup and acting, when he is tired of living a fake life, he also goes to his favorite place. Where he can refresh by leading a normal life away from the crowd of stardom. Let us talk about the favorite places of some stars –

1.Katrina Kaif – When looking tired of shooting movies, Katrina Kaif, who looks like ‘Barbie Doll’, goes to London as soon as she gets free time. Where she spends time with her family. Here she relieves her tension. Here he has also bought a bungalow.

2.Hrithik Roshan- He likes to go to his favorite place in Switzerland to freshen up when Hrithik Roshan, who is out of the box, does selected films. And when the children are with them at leisure, their fun doubles. His favorite place in India is Goa.

3.Kangana Ranaut – Queen of Bollywood Kangana Ranaut loves to spend a holiday alone. His favorite tourist destination is Italy. Where people do not recognize her as a star and she lives a normal life. In Italy, she spends writing assignments in cafes and her evenings with coffee. He also likes to take photos. His favorite destinations in addition to Italy are Europe, the U.S., New York and Paris.

4.Akshay Kumar- Black belt master and sportsman Akshay Kumar spends his time in Canada with his family when he is tired of acting and promoting films.

5.Ranveer Kapoor- The eyeglasses of the Kapoor family, Chirag Ranveer spends his free time in New York and Italy. He has studied in New York, so he has many friends here. Apart from this, he also likes Italy.

6.Salman Khan- The favorite place of Bhaijaan Salman Khan of Hindi films is Panvel. Where one can reach from Mumbai by car in two and a half hours. Here is his farm house. They like fresh fruits and vegetables there. Additionally he likes Dubai and London.

7.Shahrukh Khan– King Khan’s favorite place is London. He likes to spend his precious time here after getting free from films. He has his own house here. Here his son ‘Aryan Khan’ is doing his studies, due to which he likes to come here.

8.Amitabh Bachchan – Amitabh Bachchan loves the beauty of Goa in India. He feels freshness in the middle of here. In addition to Goa, he likes the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, for the art and culture of this place.

9.Priyanka Chopra– Priyanka Chopra likes the sea very much. She likes to spend her time in such places which are on the sea shore. Such as Koh Samui and Phuket which are located in Thailand.

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