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Follow these tips to improve the oxygen level in the body

Corona is infecting people of all kinds, from mango to special. It has a direct effect on our lungs and respiratory system and has an effect on the oxygen level in the patient’s body which causes a lot of difficulty in breathing. In such a situation, it is important that the oxygen level in the body is kept right or if you are already low, then measures should be considered to normalize it.

In normal human beings, diet and exercise play an important role in maintaining oxygen levels. Apart from this, you can maintain it at home by adopting a few more tips. These tips are telling us about fitness expert Tina Chaudhary.

If we continue to work on our bodies already, then this problem will not bother us at all in the future. For this, you can adopt some simple tips. ”

Exercise breathing

To keep the oxygen level right, take fresh air. Exercise breathing for this because it naturally corrects the oxygen level in your body. The more we take and release the breath, the more fresh air and oxygen go in us and our lungs get good energy. With this, the body also fixes itself. Breeding exercise strengthens our lungs and increases our efficiency. For this, do Anulom-Antonyms and Pranayam in the morning. If there is phlegm in the body, then take a steam. Apart from this, take a little hot water while doing alom-vilom. This will remove the accumulated mucus.

Eat foods rich in iron in the diet

We are speaking to take iron because when there is weakness in the body due to lack of oxygen, iron fulfills them. Yes, in addition to carrying oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body, iron is also required to keep the immune system healthy. For this, you can include apples, raisins, goodies, etc. in your diet. But avoid eating bananas as there is a risk of phlegm.

Take plenty of water

Water is very important for us because it contains oxygen. According to research, a lot of people have been found to be dehydrated. There is a lack of knowledge of most people that they are dehydrated because they are not able to differentiate between food and drink. Only water can solve many of your problems. So keep taking plenty of water.

If you do not have much problem, do a light workout. If you want to increase the amount of oxygen in your body, walk and breathe while walking for this. You will also get a lot of benefits from this. But we are not telling you to ask someone who has a lot of problems to adopt these tips. If you see mild symptoms, adopt these tips, you will benefit greatly.

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