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Geeta Basra breaks silence, why did she stay away from acting after marrying Harbhajan.

Actress Geeta Basra said goodbye to the film world after marrying cricketer Harbhajan Singh. After their marriage, they gave birth to their first daughter, Hinaya. Soon she will give birth to another child.

Although the actress never talked about leaving work. Now Geeta has broken the silence on this.

Let’s know what Geeta said about the break in her career and her daughter.

It was my decision not to work after the birth of my daughter- Geeta

Geeta told Pinkvilla, “It is the most beautiful moment of life for a woman when she becomes a mother. When I gave birth to Hinaya I wanted to live that moment to the fullest and that was my personal decision.”

He said, “I did not want to miss Hinaya’s first step, the first laugh, nothing. After the birth of the second child, when I am fully prepared, I will return to work once again.”

Geeta grew up with a working mother.

Geeta further said, “My mother was a working woman. She handled my work very well as well as my children. Whatever I am today, I am because of my mother.”

She said, “I am applying the inspiration from my mother to my life and believe that women should not suppress any of their passions. I know that motherhood alone cannot recognize you.”

Geeta gave the information about pregnancy last month

Let me tell you that Geeta had given the good news last month that she is going to give birth to another child.

Sharing the joy of becoming a mother on social media, she wrote, “Coming in July, 2021.”

Harbhajan Singh, Geeta and daughter Hinaya were also seen in the shared photos. Hinaya held a T-shirt in her hand, which read, “Soon I will become an elder sister.”

This is how Harbhajan and Geeta’s love story.

Harbhajan Singh and Geeta held each other on October 29, 2015, but did you know that Geeta had spent a year making Harbhajan his boyfriend.

Harbhajan was helped by Yuvraj Singh, the former cricketer of the Indian cricket team. Harbhajan himself told this in a show.

His love story was very difficult like any cricket match, but still he found his love.

How was Geeta’s acting career?

Geeta Basra’s acting career began in 2006 with the film ‘Dil Diya Hai’. Emraan Hashmi was with him in this. After this, in the film ‘The Train’, their pair was also paired with Imran.

Geeta did not get much success in Bollywood. Between 2006 and 2016, he appeared in seven films, one of which was Punjabi.

His last Bollywood film was 2015’s ‘Second Hand Husband’ which proved to be a failure at the box office.

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