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Girls having largest lips In the World.

Some people can go to any extent in the craze for something new and different. Proof of this is Andrea Ivanova, a woman from Bulgaria. 22-year-old Andrea Ivanova from Sofia, Bulgaria has undergone 20 lip surgeries to get the biggest lips in the world. Recently, on April 28, he underwent his most recent surgery, under which hyaluronic acid was added to his lips for the 20th time.

With the help of surgery, the size of his lips has now quadrupled. He showed the results of the surgery by sharing his picture online. Although she is happy with the shape of her lips, she believes that she can make her lips bigger than this.

Ivanova, who regularly shares photos of herself with the Barbie doll, said she would have to wait about two months to undergo another surgery or procedure. She continued, “I would love it even more if I could make them bigger, but some doctors think that’s enough. However, I still want to make them bigger.”

“My doctor said he would give me more injections, but I would have to wait at least two months,” he says.

Ivanova is quite popular on social media, she has more than 33,000 followers on Instagram. Though she sometimes has to face people who troll her but there are many people who like her looks.

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