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How can I make my dreams come true?


Sounds Cliche? 

Definitely not, because making dreams come true is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

It takes lots of courage, strength, and sweat. There is a difference between an average person or someone who truly dreams and work to make it happen. No matter, whatever the condition may be, no matter how much life becomes unforgiving at times. the one who endures the pain achieves it. There is one attribute to visualize the difference between losing or win. That’s discipline. The discipline between you and yourself when it comes to hard work, endurance, overcoming the shortcomings. You reflect by your actions and deeds, which shows how much you deserve.

  • Never doubt yourself 
  • Work for it
  • Attribution is necessary 
  • Set goals


This is the most awe inspiring story of Felicia Hall who is from North Carolina, who battled numerous things to make herself happy and healthy. 

It’s true that life isn’t the bed of roses. She proved it, that how much effort and genuineness is required to be comfortable in your own skin. Well, if you look back she was battling depression and was addicted to alcohol. She didn’t love herself, wasn’t active, and always exhausted. But, instead of hating herself for that she chose to embrace herself and decided to begin her journey once again from scratch. 

  • self-love is necessary 
  • Genuineness
  • Be comfortable in your skin
  • Choose to embrace 


And to begin with, she started to workout, stopped eating junks, binge eating late at night. Instead she started to make preparations for her healthy meals. Of course, the start is not so sweet, until you taste the sweat!

But, as she kept being physically active, she just not lost 20 pounds, but also realized how much she had broadened her perspectives, dimensions and expanded her horizons of thinking. Now if you see, she is capable enough to teach others as well how to be self-confident and bold enough to love oneself to make her dream come true. She truly grew, in every sphere. 

  • start being active
  • Stop eating junks
  • Broaden your perspectives
  • Eat healthily


so, now you see if she can do it. You can do it right? 

It’s all about an initiative to stay fit and lead a healthy life. And above all to be comfortable in your own skin. Because once you start with a disciplined mindset, you will be unstoppable. It just doesn’t change your physique but it also refreshes your soul. The change is positive for your physical, mental, and inner being. That’s everything. 

Isn’t it your dream too? Start now!

  • it’s all about initiative 
  • Disciplined mindset 
  • Be unstoppable 

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