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How do you figure out counting calories on an everyday basis?


Yes, counting calories is very important to track your life patterns, habits and where you need to make few corrections.

 Because we all. Know in this sedentary and modern lifestyle how we really make efforts to take care of yourself. We lack a lot in that case, which leads to many chronic issues including diseases which eventually comes from obesity. But, we have always wondered how many calories one needs in a day to consume. Or how our body is functioning and how every movement of your is based on calories you take through whatever food you consume. Excess calories you eat will be stored as fat and it will be harmful for health.

  • Keep on count
  • Lessen down the consumption 
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You all, yes you need to keep in your mind that calorie counting matters and it’s not a waste of time. Counting calories and limiting your intake can be effective to prevent overeating or  weight gain, as long as you manage to stick to it. It would help you to lose weight in a very calculated and healthy way. Also, if you think that it’s too much work for you then, you should download some calories counting application, which will help you to keep on track. 

  • Prevent overeating 
  • Stick to count 
  • Calculate and imply


Calorie counting can help you to combat overeating and do mindful eating. It would also help you to develop healthy habits apart from good health. Because even if you are working out, and not keeping on track of calories then it won’t be effective. You need to record food portions correctly,  keep measure. Avoid eating items that are high in fat and/or sugar, such as pizza, ice cream and oils or any kind of processed food. Instead switch to high quality healthy food like fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products, protein etc. 

  • Helps in developing health habits 
  • Cut down the portions 
  • Switch to healthy options


Start a calorie countdown like Choosing carbs and protein for your morning meal, on the other hand, like an egg white omelet stuffed with onions or broccoli. Take 5 small and different meals in a day. Rather than heavy carbs or fats content in one go. Focus on consuming the right kind of calories even when you are stuck at work like eating some sprouts, protein bars rather than munching processed and packaged food. Be your own watcher.

  • Be the change 
  • Be your own watcher
  • Workout 

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