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How to Approve Google AdSense in few Days?

The number of bloggers on the Internet is increasing day by day, in such situation, Blogger facing problem for many days in approving the Google AdSense account. but still, if Your Account is not approved yet then this post is for you. There is no need to be disappointed. After reading this post, you can approve the Google AdSense account within few days. Earlier there was a Condition that your website should be 6 months old. But now As per New Policy, there is no need to wait for 6 months.

We already know that Google AdSense is No 1 Platform to earn online through google ads.

Therefore, bloggers who do not get AdSense account approved. He gets very frustrated and due to this many people also quit Blogging. But the main reason for not having an AdSense account approved is the lack of Knowledge. So in this post, I am going to tell you a guide for approving the Google AdSense account, read it carefully.

What is the Reason for Google AdSense Account not being Approve?

  • Copyright Material.
  • Black Hat SEO.
  • Insufficient Content.
  • Content having not user-friendly Content.
  • Due to lack of about us, Contact us, Privacy Policy page.
  • Website under construction.
  • A person having already 1 AdSense account.
  • Fake Traffic.
  • Due to not having a clear navigation system.
  • Adult or Malware Content.

When your AdSense account is not approved, then Google AdSense Sends you the mail with the Reason why your Website is disapproved. So you do not need to panic. Just analyze the reasons. Resolve those issues for getting disapproved. And try again because you can apply many times.

What we Should do to get google AdSense Account Approved in First Attempt?

  1. Blog Design: This is an important factor, so the better the design of your blog; the sooner your Adsense account will
    be approved. So, design like a Professional Blog.
  2. favicon & logo: Favicon and logo are used for the identity of any blog/Website that makes your blog professional, Google
    Professional gives AdSense account approved soon, so always make a good favicon and logo for your blog.
  3. Important pages: About us: Write about the blog and yourself on this page so that people visiting your blog can know more about it.

Contact us: People coming to your blog who want to contact you or want to give some kind of suggestion, for them you
have to create a separate page and name it Contacts us.

Privacy Policy: According to Google’s Privacy Policy, you have to prepare the privacy policy of your blog so that your
the blog can be proved correct according to every criterion of google, for this you can also use the Privacy
Policy Generator tool.

  1. Quality Content: Quality content means that the content you put on your Website should be original & it should be
    written by you. This may help people because the main reason for not getting AdSense account
    approved is Insufficient and quality content. So write a post of at least 500 words because the more
    it is written in detail, the more it is liked by Google.
  2. Minimum 15 to 20 Article: if you want to get approval soon you should have a minimum of 15 to 20 Articles with
    minimum 500 words Article.
  3. Submit your Website on Sitemap: After posting 15 Articles Submit your Website on Google Search Console. So that
    you’re Post Crawl gets indexed in the search engine. This is very helpful in approving the AdSense account.
  4. Duplicate Content: Never use Copy or Duplicate content to make Google fool, because by doing this you will not get
    AdSense approval, as well as Google, does not approve such blogs in the future also. So never use this.
  5. Social Media Account: Create an account on Social Media Platform like the Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter,
    YouTube etc. and also use the Social Share button on your blog.
  6. Custom Domain: Always use Custom Domain like.Com, .in, Org to get approval easily.
  7. Never get fake Traffic: People who use fake traffic to get AdSense account approved do not get AdSense approval,
    so understand these things well and never use this. If you like my above Article then please Share and if you have any questions in your mind please feel free to contact
    us in the Comment section we will try to answer as soon as possible.

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