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If a corona is infected at home, then these six things will have to be accepted.

The number of corona patients is increasing day by day. Due to non-availability of beds in hospitals, many patients have isolated themselves in their homes. In such a situation, the challenge for their families increases a lot. How to take care of the patient while keeping himself safe? What to keep in mind? Which things should not be ignored? Let us tell you.

Few Hospital has issued a Covid Guideline regarding all these precautions. In which almost every aspect related to Corona has been talked about. How to apply mask, how to wash hands, how to diet and how to exercise, things are described in detail on these.

If there is a corona patient at home, then it is important to take care of these six things-

1.Mask is important.

Whichever room of the house the isolate of the covid patient is, if you go there, then you should wear a triple layer mask. Well at least try to go to that room. But if you have to go to that room under any circumstances, then you go there only by wearing triple layer mask. Also, ask the patient to wear a mask. You do not have to touch the front of the mask with your hands. Apply and remove it only using the elastic behind the ear. Immediately clean your hands after this too. If your mask has become dirty or wet, change it immediately. Use a new and clean mask instead. Along with this, after disposing of the old mask, do sanitize the hands well.

2.Keep hands clean.

If there is a cavid patient in your house, then immediately after going to his room and coming, you clean your hands. Apart from this, before cooking, before eating, after coming from the toilet or whenever you find your hand dirty, clean it immediately. Use soap and water to wash hands. Wash hands thoroughly for at least 40 seconds. Alcohol can be used for sanitized hands to sanitize hands. After cleaning the hands, use disposable tissue paper to dry. If it is not there then use a clean cloth. When this cloth seems a little too wet, then immediately put it in the wash or replace it.

3.Direct contact with the patient.

Try your best not to get into the direct contact of the covid patient. If you are handling the patient physically, then use disposable gloves before touching them. Dispose as soon as you exit the room. Even after removing the gloves, clean your hands thoroughly.

4.Separate the items of need.

Give the patient his food in his room. Do not share eating utensils, bottles of water, soap, towels or anything with them. Keep everything in the patient separate. Take care while cleaning the utensils of the patient. Wash it only with soapy water or detergent. While washing it, do wear gloves in your hands. After removing it, re-sanitize your hands. This is very important for the health of you and your family.

5.Do not ignore cleanliness.

Cleaning the house is also important. Regularly clean the switch boards, counter tops, railings, and door handles of the house. Sanitize your phone too. You also have to keep in mind that the patient should take the medicines prescribed by the doctor on time. Keep updating his health to the doctor.

6.Do your regular checkup as well.

If you are taking care of corona patient then you should also take care of your health. Even if you are not in close contact with the patient, you should keep an eye on your health. Keep checking your temperature. If any symptoms associated with Kovid-19 are seen inside you like fever, phlegm, shortness of breath or loss of breath and test, you should consult a doctor immediately.

At this time, it is very important to take care of your health. So include healthy foods in your diet. Also continue the exercise. If the Kovid epidemic is to end, then we have to keep ourselves strong from inside. Take safety and do not go out of the house without any reason.

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