Dhirubhai is an Indian businessman who was born on 1932, December 28, and we lost this business tycoon at 69 on 2002, July 6. Dhirubhai Ambani is a Reliance industry founder, which operates in many fields like telecommunications, refining, petrochemical, exploration, and retail stores. He won numerous awards, and the Indian government also awarded him with Padma Vibhushan in the year 2016. In 2002, he was also featured in Indian postal stamp. 

First Work at the age of 16

Dhirubhai was not born with the silver spoon, and he was a commoner and a son of an ordinary teacher. He was unable to fulfill their basic requirements and necessity because of a lack of money. At 16, he chose to move to Yemen and started working with A. Besse & Co. as a clerk. Then, he gets promoted to the port of Aden to manage and maintain the oil station.

Then he returned to India in 1958 with 50,000 rupees in his pocket and started the business by investing his money in the import-export business. Later he invested 15000 rupees in the Reliance industry. In Ahmedabad, he started a unit of textile manufacturing in 1966, and In 1969-1970 he successfully launched the brand named ‘’Vimal’’.

First Successful From Reliance Industry

The Reliance textile unit became a little famous in India and caught the World Bank’s eye in 1977 as they announced Brand Reliance is doing an excellent job. Not only this, he said 1977 was his luckiest year after opening Reliance because he managed to attract more than 58000 legit investors, which helped him a lot to become a brand and to establish his own empire with a total worth of 64 billion dollars.

Day by day, he achieved everything he dreamed about and became the biggest policyholder, including more segments, refining & marketing, Infocom initiatives, gas & oil, fibre intermediaries, financial services, telecom, synthetic fibres, power, and petrochemicals.

Dhirubhai Views and Conclusion 

He said many times to become something, give yourself time with the right environment and support your energy to fulfill your dream. It might take time, but giving up your dream or goal because you are not getting results initially or at an early stage should not be an excuse. Dhirubhai said to think big to do something big and make your ambitions higher and higher with the commitment.

He is the real gem of India who never stopped working hard and made our country proud. Dhirubhai is an inspiration that can never be forgotten.

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