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N95 Mask for Rs 22, Three Layer Mask for Rs 3.90, this state fixes rate.

The Pinarayi Vijayan government of Kerala has fixed the rate of all those goods which have become ‘essential’ during the Corona period. The state government has implemented the Kerala Essential Articles Control Act, 1986. This information has been given through the Twitter handle of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. According to this, now the prices of things like PPE kits and masks in the state can not be charged more than the fix rate. Here is the new rate list.

PPE Kit-273
N95 Mask-22
Three Layer Mask – 3.90
Face shield-21
Disposable Apron-12
Surgical gown-65
Inspection Globs – 5.75
Hand Sanitizer 500 ml-192
Hand Sanitizer 200ml-98
Hand Sanitizer 100ml-55
Sterile Gloves 15 (Pair)
NRB Mask-80
Oxygen Mask-54
Flow meter with humidifier-1520
Pulse Oximeter-1500

Earlier, the Kerala government fixed the rates of treatment for corona in private hospitals. According to the government order, the fee for the general ward was fixed at Rs 2,645 daily. This includes registration, bed, nursing and boarding, blood transfusion, oxygen, x-rays, counseling, examination. The High Court had said that all private hospitals will be obliged to undergo treatment as per the government order. Any violation will be strictly dealt with.

Lockdown increased
The Government of Kerala has announced to extend the lockdown implemented in the state by 23 May to control the spread of COVID-19. Earlier the lockdown was implemented in the state from May 8 to 18. Chief Minister P Vijayan said that it was decided to increase the lockdown in view of the high rate of infection in the investigation in the districts.

Chief Minister P Vijayan has said to speed up testing and tracing at the district level. He appealed to the people to apply double masks and abide by the restrictions. There are 72 panchayats in the state, in which the positivity rate is running more than 50 percent. As of May 12, more than 800 containment zones have been created in the state. This variant is also more aggressive than last time, attacking the lungs quickly. That is why the situation is getting worse.

Kerala is counted in those states where the literacy rate is quite good. About 96 percent. Health services are also amazing. Infect South India exemplifies the health infrastructure of two states – Tamil Nadu and Kerala. As of May 13, there were 4 lakh, 33 thousand, 143 cases of Coronavirus in Kerala. According to Health Ministry data, more than 6 thousand deaths have been reported due to Covid-19 in the state so far.

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