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Why is Russia irritated with NATO, Read here


Russia has declared war on Ukraine (Russian invasion of Ukraine). Russia is following the orders of President Vladimir Putin and has reached Donetsk and Luhansk, eastern Ukarine regions. Besides explosions, fighter jets, and war sirens being heard in Kyiv, America and other western countries have brought up sanctions against Russia’s aggression. NATO is also behind this as according to some. A NATO military action is something in response to Russia’s confiscasing for attacking Ukrainian territory.

Russia does not want Ukraine to join NATO

Discussions have been going on for a long time about Ukraine joining NATO. However, Ukraine has not made any final decision on joining NATO. If Ukraine joins NATO, then according to the current situation, NATO forces will have a permanent presence on the borders of Ukraine. At the same time, Russia does not want Ukraine to join NATO. Estonia and Latvia are members of NATO. Both these countries were previously part of the Soviet Union. In the event of Ukraine becoming a part of NATO, Russia can be surrounded by its enemy countries from all sides. In such a situation, Russia does not want the expansion of NATO. Russia wants the military organization to withdraw its forces and military equipment from any countries that have joined NATO after 1997. If this happens, then about half of the countries of NATO will come under its ambit.

What has NATO done for Ukraine?

In less than a week, the United States and NATO rushed 17,000 antitank weapons and other military aid to Ukraine to help keep it alive — without entering into direct combat.



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