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Top 7 Sports in the world


Football is a fantastic game in which two teams participate with their eleven team members and try to the goal against another team to gain the points and win the match. Performers cannot touch football with their hands, except the goalkeeper, which means the whole game is played by kicking the ball and goal. The most popular game was originated in the 19th century by a country named Britain. It has more than one name, Football, soccer, American football, Canadian football, Gaelic Football, Rugby football, American rules Football, and Gridiron Football.


Badminton is an interesting sport which is played by racquets, shuttlecock, and a net. It is mostly played with two players (single player per team) known as singles, and when it includes four players, it is known as doubles. The game was originated in the 19th century which is developed by the British. Both the players try to hit the shuttlecock with their racquets without missing the shot to win this game. Whoever misses the shot first, another player will earn the point.


Hockey’s one of the quick-paced sport performed by women and men in over 100 international locations on five continents worldwide. It was founded in the 1800s, and it required two teams who play against each other with six players. An agency favorite at the Olympic Games, discipline is an extremely technical sport, performed by ten outfield gamers plus a goalkeeper. Its guidelines are very different from the Ice variation of the sport.


Volleyball was founded in the year 1895 by the united states. It required two teams as every game required, with six players from the single team. Volleyball is a game where a player bats a ball up with their hands and throw it to another team’s side before the ball touches the court of the ground.


Five players from both teams play the game basketball. This game is now 129 years old and originated in the year 1891 by the United States. In this, both the team try to shot the ball in opposite team basket. Basketball’s impressive figures are from basketball and those are Kobe Bryant and Michael Jorden, which maded the sport more popular in America.


Tennis sport is very similar to badminton sport, and it also includes singles and doubles as we have seen in badminton. This sport is also known as Lawn tennis, and it is originated in the 19th century in the United Kingdom, which is played with rackets, net & tennis balls. It can be played indoors as well as outdoor.


Cricket is a sport which is founded in the 16th century by the south-east century. It includes a bat, ball, wickets, and stumps to play a sport. In cricket, players hit or strike the ball hard with the bat so that it will go far, and scores are marked on that basis. Cricket sport required eleven players from both the teams.

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