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Top 8 University In The World

When we talk about education, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is the top educational universities in the world. So, Gossipcool decided to list down and share with you the most famous and top university in the world in the year 2021.

Let’s cover all the top 8 universities worldwide one by one in this blog.

  • University of Oxford

A well-known and famous university in the world is known as the University of Oxford, but most people are not aware of its other name, The Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford. It was established in the year 1096 in England, United Kingdom. This University’s motto is The Lord is my Light in English, translated from the Latin phrase – Dominus illuminatio mea.

  • Stanford University

The original name of Stanford University is Leland Stanford Junior University, which is established in the year 1891. This university is located in Stanford, California, the United States, in a very large area. Stanford University’s motto is written in the German language Die Luft der Freiheit weht, which means The wind of freedom blows in English.

  • Harvard University

Harvard University is a university which is a research university, and it is also known as with their former name Harvard College. It was established in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Their motto is written in Latin Veritas, and that stands for word truth in English.

  • California Institute of Technology

It is a private research university which is known as Caltech, and that stands for California Institute of Technology. Caltech is established in the year 1891 in Pasadena, California, United States. Their motto is written in the English Language The truth shall make you free.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It is a private land-grant research university which is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, and is known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT’s motto is written in the Latin language, Mens et Manus, which means Mind and Hand in English.

  • University of Cambridge 

Cambridge University or the University of Cambridge is established in the year 1209 in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom. University has its motto in the Latin language, Hinc lucem et pocula sacra, which means after translating in English is From this place, we gain enlightenment and precious knowledge.

  • University of California, Berkeley

UC Berkeley, California, or Cal was used on the place of Berkeley when we talk about the University of Califonia. It was established in the year 1868 in Berkeley, California, United States. There is the motto of which says let there be light when we translate it into English from the Latin language, Flat lux.

  • Yale University

Yale University was build in the year 1701 in New Haven, Connecticut, the United States that is also known as Collegiate School. There‘s a motto also written in Hebrew, and Latin, Universitas Yalensis, Which means light and truth in English.

Here, we discussed eight top universities in the world that impacted and able to gain popularity from various parts of the world. 

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