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What are the highest paying jobs in India?

The competition is really tough in today’s era. The prices are increasing rapidly and the wants of consumers are increasing day by day. Everyone wants to eat the best and wear the best. For that, your earnings must be in line with your needs. So, let’s see, which are the top-paying jobs and how much can you possibly earn if you do any one of them:

Medical Professionals

Experienced medical professionals are scarce in today’s world. You need to be best at your field if you want to drive away the competition. You can even get foreign patients if your name is popular. The average pay of a medical professional is around 20 lacs per annum in India. It is even higher in foreign countries like America.

Block Chain Developer

Due to the advanced expertise needed for being a block chain developer, the salary provided is very high for the job. A block chain developer is usually paid around 25-50 lacs for his work. Yes, the skills needed are advanced but it is worth the amount that will be paid for it.

Full Stack Software Developer 

Software developers are paid according to their years of experience in the field. At the start when you are a fresher, the pay is around 3-4 lacs but as and when the years of experience you have increased, your pay can range from 6 to 10 lacs.


The level of stress is increasing day by day amidst people. There is a large chunk of population that is either stressed or depressed. All these people end up taking help from psychiatrists. A good psychiatrist has a pay ranging from 4 to 8 lacs. The services provided by the psychiatrist helps in increasing the publicity by word of mouth too, which increases future income prospects as well.


Gynaecologists are female doctors that provide medical help to women for their body problems. As the lifestyle is increasingly becoming so hectic, women need to take extra care of themselves now. This is why, gynaecologists charge heavy fees for their work. They earn around 8-10 lacs for their work, provided they know what they are doing.

University Professors

University professors are appointed at their positions after they complete their graduation, post-graduation, and Ph.D. Thus, the number of years they studied is a lot and they have a huge knowledge of their subjects, which is why they are paid a lot for teaching students. They are even invited for guest lectures in foreign institutions. Their pay ranges from 6 to 10 lacs. Thus, these are the few jobs that can get you higher incomes compared to other jobs. Apart from these, there are other jobs like being CEO, physicist, or surgeon which pay you a huge amount of money for your work too.

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