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What do you eat for brunch?


Just by reading the title you must have thought that its about weight loss diet plan or what? But no, it’s not. Because we try to emphasize something which is more good in the longer run and definitely leads you to a healthy lifestyle. 

Basically, which can help you to have the correct and right amount of nutrients. Of course, that’s true, there are loads of weight loss diet plans up there on the internet but not all help you to satiate your hunger and taste with the right amount of nutrients. And here we will suggest and help you with some colorful yet healthy meal or brunch ideas especially for weekends when you just want to have “self-time”.


First and foremost option we would like to suggest is go for lettuce and pan fried or boiled chicken. Well, its a healthy wrap!

You can add numerous diced vegetables to absorb more nutrients and stay full. And just in case if you are not a non-vegetarian person you can opt for soybean. It has a high protein intake. And also you can use boiled eggs as a side dish. It’s one of the quickest, easy, and healthy options. Well, you can also make some fresh orange juice or go for fruits.

  • Healthy wrap
  • Protein intake
  • Chicken
  • Side dishes


Second, avoid white rice and opt for brown rice as it has the proper amount of all grains. You can eat it with boiled vegetables, and also you can add a little tint of soy sauce, you will drool over it for sure. Or to complete your meal you can. Pair it up with some tofu or cottage cheese. Make sure to add carrot, broccoli, peas, bel papers for more interesting colors and taste. And you can always garnish it with chopped parsley or any seasoning of your choice. you will love this healthy combination. 

  • color splash
  • Healthy meal
  • Experiment


Thirdly, the most likable option. Pasta, everyone loves it right! So this time let’s take a healthy initiative and add some corn, chicken, veggies, and least cheese. Oh, you can definitely add some olives and black beans if you are looking for some healthy option. or you can also go for fruit paste. Replace all the carbs and fats options with healthy fruits and add some chia seeds, peanut butter too. Oh, not to forget you can add some oats for a perfect healthy brunch bowl. 

  • Healthy pasta
  • Replacement of carbs
  • Fruits pasta


Lastly, the easiest option is chick pea salad. chop some fresh vegetables, add some lettuce. It’s plain, healthy and filling. This salad is packed with nutrients including vitamin C from the lime and healthy fats. Its really less in calories and gives the ultimate kick to your healthy lifestyle.

  • salad never fails
  • Vitamin C rich
  • Healthy lifestyle 

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