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What is Alexa Ranking ? & Why it is So important ?

Do you know what is Alexa Ranking?

if you are from blogging field then you must know about Alexa Rank, how it’s works and why it is so important. If you don’t know, then today’s article is for you. Every blogger wants to know how to increase Alexa ranking of their website. Because one is important factor that can attract visitors to your blog and at the same time it also provides information to the readers that your blog has a professional blog. If you have a good Alexa ranking then it also helps to improve your blog traffic as well as it is possible that other bloggers also list the link of your blog (for reference),This means that you will also get good quality backlinks from niche domains in your blog.

Here today in this article, I will let you know, how you can improve the Alexa Ranking of your blog. Whereas if you are a new blogger then after reading this article, you will definitely get basic information about Alexa Ranking, which is going to help you to increase your blog’s ranking. Then let’s start without delay.

What Alexa Show?

Alexa rank of your site shows:

1. How popular your site is on the Internet world.

2. It also shows Popularity of your website in relation to other websites.

3. It’s Show that your blog has a professional blog.

Alexa rank is a measure of website popularity. Alexa ranks millions of websites based on their popularity, which means that website having Alexa Ranking 1 is the most popular in the internet World.

This rank also reveals how a website is performing compared to the rest, which makes it a great KPI for benchmarking and competitive analysis. This rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines the estimated traffic and visitor engagement of a site based on the past three months.

What is Benefit of Alexa Ranking.

1. It helps to improve your blog traffic.

2. You will get good quality back links from niche domains in your blog.

3. Your Earning will increase.

4. GoodWill Increase.

Some Other Facts

1. Alexa was launched in 1996, a California-based subsidiary of Amazon.com (it was acquired by Amazon in 1999).

2. More than 10 million people visit Alexa every month.

3. This global Alexa Rank is updated daily.

How to Check your Website Rank in Alexa Ranking?

Step 1: Click on this link https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo

You will get below Screen


Step 2: Enter your website link.

Here you have to enter your website URL and click Run Analysis. It shows all the data of your blog with Rank.

How to Increase Your Alexa Ranking ? Now I am going to tell you some great tips right now, which is going to help you a lot in increasing the Alexa Rank of your blog. Then let’s know about some tips.

1. Increase Your Traffic

This is a big factor to improve the Alexa Ranking of your website. We know Alexa provides rank to your blog according to your traffic. If you will get more traffic on daily basis then you will improve your Alexa rank also.

Important Note : for traffic you can get traffic from Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc.

2. Use Inbound Link in Related Post:

Because Alexa checks how long your visitors stay on your Website. So get your content engaging & interesting and its Should be easy to understand so that more people stay in post and ultimately your average time increase.

Important Note: What is Inbound Link?

This is a way to engage your user in your site. In this, you have to use the url of your another post in Related post. This method allows users to stay longer on your website.

3. Quality Back link

Commenting on the Someone blog is a very easy to get back link for your Website. Because in this, you have to comment in another popular Website. Whenever someone clicks on your comment, then it is directly redirected to your blog. For this, you have to Paste Your Website URL in the comment box.

4. Write Original Content Only.

Do not use Copy paste Article in your blog or website. Otherwise your Alexa Rank will also drop and at the same time Google will also stop indexing your site. So always write fresh Content only .

5. Add Alexa Widget in your Website:

Adding widget to your website is a common logic that if you add Alexa widget in your site then it will encourage the user to click on them. So that Someone clicks on it, you will get the benefit from it. So try to use Alexa widget in your website.

6. Regular Post Your Article:

Keep updating your blog regularly, so that your Alexa rank will gradually improve. Post two or three article at least in a week and try to update your old articles.

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