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What is the Best Workout routine for a beginner?

Planning for a healthy start for 2021? So here you go!

First of all congratulations for taking initiative and secondly, we are here to assist and help you out as well. a regular physical activity or workout can help you a lot internally as well as externally. Planning, motivation, and persistence are the key major things when you begin your fitness journey. The best way to maintain is to have the right momentum. You can go for these two together or either of them: Cardio, which burns calories by raising your heart rate, and strength training which builds the lean muscle that boosts metabolism.

  • Make a healthy start
  • Begin for the fitness journey 
  • Right momentum


Workout and exercise plays a vital role in maintaining strong muscles and bones. 

Exercise can help in decreasing chances of cardiovascular symptoms and many other serious illnesses . As we all know the lack of physical movement is the slope reason for all kinds of chronic diseases. So now don’t you think so it’s high time to be more aware, active and sensitive. 

So for cardio, you can opt for high intense running on treadmill, cycling, trios trainers etc. and for strength training, you can opt for weightless training for the first few days, until you get used to it. 

  • Strength vitals
  • Lessen diseases
  • Cardio and strength training 


You can also go for weight training. 

So initially you won’t be able to lift heavy, so instead increase repetitions with less weight. For example 3 sets of biceps curl (10X). Always start off with a light weight equipment and once you can feel the sourness you can increase the weight. And also we would like to tell you that you guys can mix and match too. Like cardio for 15-20 mins which included 10 mins of treadmill and 10 mins of cycling or cross trainer with strength training. You can definitely run on incline mode and push yourself harder. 

  • weight training 
  • Increase repetitions
  • Push yourself harder 


Also don’t ever forget to do stretching , lower body and upper body stretches like spine twist, back stretch, corpse pose, butterfly pose. And not to forget every alternate day you can do abs training too, which is must. It will flatten the stomach are , the most difficult part to lose weight. And overall, It can also stimulate the production of hormones that can enhance the growth of brain cells.

  • stretch a lot
  • Do Abs

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