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Which business can be started with less money?

Everyone wants to start a business nowadays. Though the first thought that comes to one’s mind is where will the cash be arranged from. So, let’s look at some businesses that do not require a big investment and can be started with just a small amount of money and experience:

Content Writing

Content writers do not need to pay anything for earning. They just need to be good at what they write and how they express themselves. There are a lot of platforms that help you in starting your content writing work, these will give you a head start, and then you can write for your own website too.


Catering is another business that does not require much investment. You will be provided the tender and only then you have to provide your services. Usually the amount that is received for catering is much more than the amount that is involved in the food procurement and cooking.


Tourism is one of the most highly paid industries today. If you are good at your work, you can attract a huge amount of customers through foreign bookings as well as domestic bookings. The initial investment involves setting up the shop and advertising only.

Baby sitter

Businesses that provide babysitting services are getting heavy returns nowadays when both the parents of a child are working parents. The amount that parents agree to pay is huge and the costs involved are minimal. No expertise is needed as such for the job.

Grocery shops


Every corner has grocery shops nowadays. Still, there are never enough shops for a locality. People find convenience much more important than money. When a shop is located nearby, no one would want to travel far. The costs incurred in opening a shop are a little high at the start but the surety of getting returns makes it worth it.

In today’s busy era, everyone has jobs and no one has time for house cleaning. In this time, businesses like Urban clap are increasingly becoming famous amongst the public. Apps like this, provide house cleaning services just at the clicking of a button and are super easy to use too.

App Developer

App developer’s services at the comfort of their home is for sure going to provide you with high returns in the long run.So, these are the various businesses that you can start with a view to earning profitIf you have the necessary expertise and want to gain a higher customer base with a little more investment than you can develop an app for your business. Everyone knows how internet is used by everyone in today’s era. Providing an app to people that provides them with the convenience to shop your s with just a small amount of investment and high returns.

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