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Which part-time job is best for students in India?

Every student wants to earn an extra chunk of money while he/she is studying in a school or college. Though, it becomes impossible to work on a full-time job along with your studies. This is where part-time jobs come in. So, let’s see the list of a few part-time jobs that wouldn’t take up much of your time and would even pay you well:


Content writers and article writers are now hired by firms on a part-time basis. You can write a few articles in a day and earn up to 1000 per day. If you are working for a foreign employer, you may take 10 to 20 dollars per day, which is quite a lot for a part-time job.


Home tutors and online tutors are quite a in fashion right now. Students need an extra hand at studies when it comes to scoring good marks. This is where your role comes in. If you have knowledge of a certain subject and you know how to deliver a lecture, you may earn from 20k to 40k per month.


Freelance websites are paying huge amounts of money to translators. The only requirement is that you have to be good at 2 languages at least. The job of a translator involves translating one language to another. Languages like French, English, Spanish, and German hold high value. A translator is paid from 30k to 50k for a month depending upon the availability of work.


In transcription, you are given audio of dialogues between two people and you have to write them down word by word. There are certain rules for transcription that are necessary to be followed. Keep these in mind and you may even write the subtitles for a movie too, in the future.

Data entry

Data entry is one of the most famous part-time jobs as of now. A large number of companies are hiring for data entry work now. It simply involves filling entries and working with excel files. Though, necessary care has to be taken in filling up the details. Also, take care of fraud companies trying to lure people into workings with them. The average pay for data entry work is around 30k to 60k.

Fashion stylist

Fashion stylists are the ones that decide what their customers should and shouldn’t wear for particular occasions. They check your biodata, weight, height and other body features to decide what you should wear on a particular occasion. The work is simple though it needs a little bit of detail. The pay scale is around 40k to 50k. 

So, these were few of the part time jobs that you can apply to for a little extra income and experience. The amount of time required for these jobs is just 2 to 3 hours, though the payment rates are similar to ones provided at the start of a full time job.

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