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world’s fattest girl. You Will Shocked after Reading this.

Believe it or not, this Egyptian woman weighs 500 kilograms. According to media reports, she is believed to be the world’s fattest woman. Iman Ahmed Abdulati, 39, has not left her Alexandria home for 25 years. According to the report of ‘Daily Mail’, he is unable to get out of bed or even move due to his gigantic size.

She is dependent on her mother and sister Chayma Abdulati for daily chores, including feeding, changing clothes and cleaning. According to Al Arabiya, her weight at birth was unusually 5 kilograms. Doctors found him suffering from elephantiasis. This is a parasitic infection, in which there is a lot of swelling in the calves. Doctors also told that due to disturbances in the glands, excess water gets accumulated in his body.

When Iman was young, she used to move around with the help of her hands, but by the age of 11 she could not stand due to her heavy weight and was only able to slip in the house. She had to drop out of primary school after suffering a cerebral stroke and was completely bedridden. Since then Iman, being completely relaxed and unable to do anything, remains lying only in her house.

Fearing the death of Iman, his family has filed an online petition urging Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for medical help.

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