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Wrestler Sushil Kumar arrested from Delhi.

Wrestler Sushil Kumar has been arrested. He is accused of killing 23-year-old young wrestler Sagar Dhankhar. In this case, Sushil was absconding since May 5. Eventually, the Delhi Police’s Special Cell arrested him. According to Arvind Ojha till date, Sushil Kumar has been arrested from Delhi. Also his partner Ajay has also been arrested. Sushil Kumar was constantly dodging the police. Although the police was after them. Now the police will interrogate him after his arrest.

What was the whole matter? & why he arrested.

On May 4, 2021, at around 11 pm, some people reached a flat in the M Block area of Model Town in Delhi. These people had poles, hockey sticks in their hands. It is alleged that these people kidnapped the young wrestler Sagar Dhankhar and his companions living here. According to the statement given by the victims to the police, Sushil Kumar was sitting in the car below and had a pistol in his hand. Sagar and his companions were taken to the Chhatrasal Stadium in a Honda City car at gunpoint. It is alleged that here Sushil and his associates beat Sagar and his associates fiercely. All were badly injured and Sagar died. Sushil Kumar absconded after this.

After interrogating Sushil, the reason for the murder will be completely clear. But at present, according to media reports, two reasons are coming out. The first reason is being told that it was a minor dispute about money transactions. The flat in which Sagar lived was that of Sushil Kumar’s wife. It is being told that Sagar vacated this flat without paying two months rent. Sushil asked for fare from Sagar. Sagar did not give. It is alleged that after this, Sushil, along with his colleagues, beat Sagar badly, which led to his death.

At the same time, a report was published on The Print website on 7 May. This report says that the police investigation has revealed that Sushil was angry with Sagar because Sagar had openly called Sushil a crook. Sushil felt that Sagar was tarnishing his image and hence he wanted to teach Sagar a lesson. That is why Sushil beaten Sagar, in which he died.

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